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We are passionate about the fact that our choices can change the world

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Pashmina from Kashmir
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Pashmina from Kashmir

Shilp World is a social enterprise based in Frankfurt, Germany.

We are a platform for Indian artisans and women self-help groups to share their stories and handcrafted products for socially-conscious customers.

We are a platform connecting ethically-minded shoppers with skilled artisans from marginalised communities.

We are a platform to connect creative souls to the traditional crafts learning.

And the result? A collection of vibrant accessories and gifts that don’t only help you smile – but advances craftspeople both economically and socially.

“I’m beyond excited to present the India that I know and that I love, a multi-faceted sum of both the rich traditions and vast history and technology-driven present. The vivid culture and colour, entrepreneurship and resilience, the can-do mindset and the sheer beauty. I’m passionate about the fact that our choices can change the world, and it’s an honour to present you with products that do that” – Sundaram Kumari

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