India is home to nearly 7 million artisans (according to official figures and upto 200 million artisans according to other sources) making 40% of the global artisans workforce. Sadly, their income merely accounts for 2% of the 400 billion USD global handicraft industry. Clearly they are hugely under paid for their time and effort. Many of these artisans are struggling to find market & demand for their craft and in this reality, are leaving their traditions & skills leading to the crafts going extinct.

Shilp World founded with one simple goal in mind – to help rural craftsmen & women Self Help Groups by giving them the fair value for their products and help them get access to market & community of socially-conscious individuals who holds a desire to buy handmade, traditional, ethical & meaningful products.  



More than just a shop, Shilp World is connecting diverse culture across the world


Shilp World is a social enterprise based in Frankfurt, Germany.

We are a platform for Indian artisans and self-help groups to share their stories and handcrafted products for socially-conscious customers.

We are a platform connecting ethically-minded shoppers with skilled artisans from marginalised communities.

We are a platform to connect creative souls to the traditional crafts learning.

And the result? A collection of vibrant accessories and gifts that don’t only help you smile – but advances craftspeople both economically and socially.


Our Artists

At the core of Love from Shilp World are our artisans and artisanal groups who have now become more like family than business partners. Everyday that we work with our artists, we find inspiring stories, history being rewritten and history being preserved. We work very closely together to bring you the most beautiful homewares, & personal accessories from India

We hope our shop inspires you and my products bring you and your home lots of color and happiness.

Our customers

Customers? No that’s not the right word for you. You are patrons- connoisseurs, feinschmekers, intenditores. There’s a reason why there’s a word in every language for you. There would be no Leonardo Da Vinci without the Medici’s – there would be no Shilp World without you. Thank you for finding us! Thank you for being our storytellers.
Being hand crafted, any minor ‘irregularities’ that you may find are an inherent part of each of our products unique identity. If you are looking to see a particular curation in our web shop, please share your ideas, we would love to hear from you.
 Our Founder : Sundaram kumari

Our founder, Sundaram Kumari is a computer engineer from India, living in Germany since 2014. After working across different part of world for nearly a decade, when she relocated to Germany. She together with a few other like minded people started Bhavishya- a non profit organisation to create employment opportunities for rural women in the most sustainable way and chose handicrafts as a medium. Bhavishya is based in India and Germany. 

Later to help rural craftsmen & women Self Help Groups in providing them the fair value for their products and help them get access to the market & community of socially-conscious individuals, She founded the company Shilp World Kunsthandwerk UG in Frankfurt Germany. The organisation is associated with over hundred artists and self-help groups across India.