Shilp World


More than just a shop, Shilp World is connecting diverse culture across the world


Shilp World tackles three major issues :⁠

💚sustainability: all products are handmade, organic and with minimal carbon footprint.⁠

💚 social consciousness: empowerment of rural, primarily underprivileged, women by providing them with sustainable employment, reducing incentives to migrate to urban areas where they are often at risk of deprivation and further poverty.⁠

💚cultural awareness: promoting and preserving Indian heritage by using traditional artisans using local materials and age-old craft techniques.⁠


Our Creators

At the core of Love from Shilp World are our artisans and artisanal groups who have now become more like family than business partners. Everyday that we work with our artists, we find inspiring stories, history being rewritten and history being preserved. We work very closely together to bring you the most beautiful homewares, & personal accessories from India

We hope our shop inspires you and my products bring you and your home lots of color and happiness.

Our customers

Customers? No that’s not the right word for you. You are patrons- connoisseurs, feinschmekers, intenditores. There’s a reason why there’s a word in every language for you. There would be no Leonardo Da Vinci without the Medici’s – there would be no Shilp World without you. Thank you for finding us! Thank you for being our storytellers.
Being hand crafted, any minor ‘irregularities’ that you may find are an inherent part of each of our products unique identity. If you are looking to see a particular curation in our web shop, please share your ideas, we would love to hear from you.
 Our Founder : Sundaram kumari


Our founder, Sundaram Kumari is a computer engineer from India and who is strongly rooted to the rural Bihar, where she is born and brought up . Presently living in Germany since 2014. After working across different part of world for nearly a decade, when she relocated to Germany. Moving to Germany meant that she had to literally start all over. After a fulfilling and established career, I found myself without a steady job and source of income almost overnight.

This led her to reflect on situation of women living in remote villages in Bihar. Many of them have never had the opportunity to earn or become financially independent, not due to their lack of ambition but due to paucity of opportunity. This led me to think of a means to empowering as many of these women as I could. I founded Shilp World, a business focused on showcasing the native art forms of this part of India, targeting primarily women artisans, in 2018. The art heritage of this region is immense and arguably not well known outside India. Through Shilp World, I believed I could achieve the twin goals of promoting India’s rich heritage, as well as providing a sustainable livelihood to underprivileged communities.