A career often means leaving home to work. As we all know, for some mothers, this leads to a highly difficult choice. Most of them would choose to stay home and spend time with their children and give up any chance of having a career, after all motherhood is a fulfilling full-time job with emotionally satisfying rewards. Some mothers that choose to go back to their jobs then struggle with balancing motherhood and a career and become increasingly unhappy in their work. There is nothing new about this dilemma, and mothers have been coming up with creative solutions to resolve it for a long time.

Social sales has resonated with so many women. It is a great option that allows women to work from home. Though some Moms cringe at the word sales and are quick to say they are not a salesperson’ – really isn’t everything in life sales? When we tell a friend  about a restaurant we dined at or a movie we saw in the cinema –essentially we are acting as salespeople by encouraging them to go visit.

So when you find the company that you love, that has a line of products that you adore, it’s simply a matter of sharing it with others. SHILP WORLD is one of the few companies that aims on helping ‘stay at home moms’ who long for a sustainable income with some flexibility. At SHILP WORLD, women can expect the support of a sisterhood of like-minded, passionate women who seek to make a difference in the world. Becoming a global partner will allow mothers to have a flexible timetable, a supportive sisterhood and a chance to earn additional income. SHILP WORLD works as a community and it’s goal is to empower and encourage women to become New -age entrepreneurs.

Established by a woman, Sundaram Kumari, SHILP WORLD is a social entrepreneurship platform offering sustainable gifts, home décor, accessories and many more items for direct selling. SHILP WORLD was founded with a mission to support rural traditional artisans and women self-help groups and a strong emphasis on giving back to the community.

Global Partner can run an independent business, while even picking up their children from school and supervising weekday playdates. Most women frequently reveal the challenge of wanting to start a business but not knowing how to begin to structure it. SHILP WORLD not only provides training materials, how-to videos, masterclasses, and promotional content, like flyers and graphics, but also marketing and sales support.

The company also focuses on helping its independent sales consultants grow their own networks. That’s why SHILP WORLD places substantial importance on training and get-togethers for their consultants. The hands-on learning is essential, of course, but so is the feeling of sisterhood and support that the training generates.

SHILP WORLD aims to simplify the process of “becoming one’s own boss”.

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