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Shanti Lal Ji Joshi, President Award, Kalashree, Senior Fellowship
Vijay Joshi, National Merit Award, National Fellowship
Vivek Joshi, National Scholarship and Fellowship
Shahpura School (style) Phad artist.


Mr Vijay Joshi, Vivek joshi Young Phad Artsit of Shahpura school of paintings  sent awareness message to the people of India and the World on the corona virus through  there Marvelous art work in  Phad painting.

International Artist  Shanti Lal Joshi of the world famous Shahpura School (style) Phad Painting gave awareness message through his son young Phad Painting Artist Vijay Joshi, Vivek Joshi through Painting on the corona virus. Joshi also ran many awareness programmes  through his paintings on many social and burning issues in the past. , His eyes capturing paintings are decorating the walls of many film stars . Shahpura School Phad was appreciated by the legend  Amitabh Bachchan. A pictorial biography was also made on the life of Amitabh Bachchan which was also decorating his esteemed house. This painting was made in 2005 Apart from these, a 5x20 fit painting was made on the 150th birth anniversary of Father of (the Nation Mahatma Gandhi.

Apart from folk songs, Joshi has depicted many religious stories Phad in Shahpura School (style) Phad Painting, historical and present day subjects. Durga Chalisa, (in Hindi and English), Hanuman Chalisa, Sundar Kand, (in Hindi and English) Ramayana, Mahabharata, Geet Govind, Shiva Chalisa, Satyanarayana Katha, Krishna Leelaaye, Rani Padmani, Turmeric Dhati, Sanyogita Haran, Prithviraj-Gauri , Shahpura Gangaur ride, Teej Utsav, etc., have also made many pictures on social and vivid topics, the entire drama on literacy, education, Kalyani (health) serial Man which were much appreciated. Apart from these, he has worked on many subjects and is continuous. Also, the first English phad was started by Joshi, which is being appreciated in India and abroad.

In which style are portraits made?
Shahpura School (style) Phad paintings are made in Shahpura School (style) which are known as Shahpura Phad Painting and are known all over the world as Shahpura Phad Painting which originated in Shahpura 700 years ago. The descendants of my ancestors are doing the work of art only by staying in Shahpura.

The Phad is be prepared with natural colors. Phad painting of Shahpura School (style) which is very ancient, rare, unique and unique. This art is an integral part of Indian art and culture.
Phad Chitra is a depiction of folk songs that are sung and told by Bhopa and Bhopi through the medium of the instrument. Color and clothes are prepared by us to make a painting. The common meaning of the story is the narrative picture. The synonym of Phad is Pad and this word is popular in folk practice.

Description of corona virus Shahpura School Phad painting

This painting describes us about the origin of corono virus. This painting tells us about all precautions which we should follow in the prevention of corono disease. We should consult doctor if we have cough sore throat and fever. We should not hide our syptums  from others. Isolation and self quarantine is only remedy of this disease. We should also wash our hands with hand wash and sanitizer. These pictures are very suggestive. They tell us not to handshake, keep distance at least 1 metre from others, always keep social distancing and only say "Namaste". On 20 March 2020 our great Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi came on National television and demanded "Janata curfew" on 22 March for whole day. He also demanded to clap hands and Beat Thali for 5 minutes from 5:00p.m. to 5:05p.m. in the owner of the Frontline Warriors like doctors, nursing staff, police, army and sanitary department. It was a great successful programme. All people followed it and played Tali and Thali. Painting also describes about Yoga, listening songs, reading books , playing with children and other leisure activities. At last a map of India is framed in this painting which shows the unity in diversity of India. We Indians are ready to kick away the devil of Corona. In India there is no difference of caste, colour, Creed and religion. This painting gave an awareness message to whole world about this dangerous disease and tells us that only precautions can keep us safe from COVID19.



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