Create your own Madhubani Painting in 5 Easy Steps

We organize regular workshop of traditional crafts to create awareness about traditional art and to bring out the creativity, increase happiness an ease stress in the age of digital world.

Through our journey we have discovered that participants find it difficult to learn Madhubani paintings. We would like to share how you can learn Madhubani painting in 5 easy steps.

Some important points about Madhubani painting for interested readers.

  • It’s an instinctive and intricate art form and takes time to complete a painting.
  • It can be done on a handmade paper or any thick white canvas.
  • Traditionally, paint is made from the paste of ground rice. Artists use their fingers, matchsticks, pen nibs and twigs to apply colours onto the canvas.
  • Water-based poster colours are used on paper while acrylic colours are used on fabric. Round tip brushes are used to fill colours.

Painting Procedure

Step 1

Start with sketching the border. The border is an important aspect of a Madhubani painting and it makes the painting look complete. Nature-inspired motifs or geometric shape can be used. Border can be from ½ inch to 2 inch wide.

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