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Craftsmen are considered the custodian of cultural heritage of country. They are highly skilled and when comes to making art they work for 100s of hours to make a beautiful piece of art. Which we adorn but we often forget that the economic aspect of it. We often forget that the craftsmen livelihood depend on that and it has to meet the opportunity value. The whole process should be lucrative enough so that the upcoming generations.

Through it’s various initiative Shilp World promote, market and create awereness about the folk art. We believe that every individual should make contribution to keep the beautiful cultural heritage alive for our upcoming generations. We all know that three are three basic necessities of life, roti, kapda & makan but after that we need the culture.

We have got a privilege to invite three master artists, who has received various awards for their contributions in keeping the craft cultural heritage of India alive.


Mr. Inder Singh Kudrat
Shilpguru, National Awardee, Meenakari Artist

In the 16th Century, His ancestors were brought to Jaipur [Amber] from Lahore [Pakistan]. Then Maharaja Man Singh, King of [Amber] Jaipu, to patronize the craft of fine art enameling gold, silver jewellery and kunden jewelry under the direct patronage of Maharaja. His ancestors crafts of their family has remained with them and flourished since then. They participated for the demonstration of traditional art in various national and international exhibitions. National and international news paper has also published about the traditional art ENAMELING KUNDEN jewellery fine art on gold & silver.

Mrs. Manisha Jha
National Awardee, Mithila Paintings

Manisha Jha is a National Awardee artist by the president of India, and a writer , an architect by profession and Mithila painter by tradition. Manisha Jha is a self taught artist, painting is her passion. practicing, promoting folk art and artist is the mission of her life. Her work is exhibited in many national and International Art gallery. She is also founder of Madhubani Art Centre New Delhi.

Tribal Folk Artist (Warli Paintings)

Anil Chaitya Vangad hails from a small Warli tribal village in Maharashtra north of the cosmopolitan city of Mumbai. He has been paintings for the last 19 years in the traditional art style of the Warlis, experimenting with themes of gods and goddesses as well as the more contemporary issues of our times. It was the artist’s mother who influenced and taught him how to paint.
He still prefer to use the traditional mediums of gerue, cow dung, charcoal and rice paste without the use of use synthetic dyes and paints in his paintings and encourages his family members to do the same.

Mr. Vangad works have been exhibited in USA, Britain and France, Singapore
In July of 2014, his work was introduced to the Santa Fe Folk Art market and in September 2014 he was awarded the WCC Award of Excellence from UNESCO for his painting and bringing Warli art on everyone’s attention.

Mr. Vijay Joshi
Traditional Phad Artist Shahpura School
National Merit Awardee
National Young Fellowship
Rajasthan State Bronze Medal for Folk Art

Mr. Vijay Joshi has received full traning in the Shahpura’s phad art under the guidance of his father Shri. Shanti Lal Joshi who enjoys the previlege of National Award Winner. Shri. Mr. Vijay Joshi too, had the previlegde to win applause of many art crities. Despite some heavy odds all the members of his family are creatively busy to keep this valuable art alive, who were highly appreciated and won the esteemed applause from many art critics for their involvement in the art.

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