From Thread to Shawl

Craft’s Story of Pashmina Shawl

“Kashmir”, known for its unimaginable beauty also said to be the “Paradise on Earth”. Nature has blessed the region with pristine beauty and simplicity. Kashmir has its unique culture with lovely people.

The place is known not only for its natural beauty but also for its handicrafts prepared by its artisans. Among the several other handicrafts items Pashmina shawl has grabbed the world’s attention. Even though it has got its admirer around the globe, the artisans are still waiting for their star to shine. Sometimes, an artisan works for 2-3 months consistently to produce a delicate piece of shawl. But sadly, these artisans are not getting the fair amount.

These shawls are known for the way it is weaved. A person takes pride after owning a real work of art which gives them a royal look.

Kashmiri Pashmina refers to the fabric woven out of Pashm wool by Artisans. The word ‘Pashmina’ comes from the Persian word ‘Pashmineh’ which means ‘made from Pashm’, and in Persia wool is known as Pash. 

Pashm is the raw material used in weaving Pashmina and derived from domestic goat known as Capra Hircus. These goats graze at high altitudes in Himalayan ranges. Fabric Pashmina is fine cashmere wool.

Pashmina shawl is an exclusive art of Kashmir. An elegant piece of pashmina shawl goes through several stages before it beautifies you and your wardrobe. Pre-spinning, spinning, weaving and finishing are the different steps involved in the beauty of it. Every process is done manually with delicate hand of our artisans to intact the rawness of the art. These artisan are engaged in weaving industries since long time but still struggling for their chunk of reward. 


Pashmina shawls are also eco-friendly and sustainable . Kashmiri goats are rare. Every summer herders collect the fur from goat without harming them as it is collected after being shed naturally. 

It is sometimes hard to believe that a goat grazing in the terrains of Himalayas is the one who provide us with a such an exquisite piece of shawl which enhance the beauty of an individual.

Use Pashmina shawl for gifting to your friends, colleague, or use it yourself and take pride in your contribution to people lives who struggles to fulfill the basic necessities of everyday’s life. 

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