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SHILP WORLD is creating New-age Entrepreneurs through Social Selling in World-wide. We target to continue creating business opportunity for individual who is seeking for new income alternatives.

Through it’s social sales program SHILP WORLD creates a platform for women and men who are looking for flexible working environment, get fairly paid for the effort they put in, follow their passion. Our program is specially beneficial for mothers and offer them the chance to significantly improve their lives.

Our secret: Social selling concept that has been tried and tested for decades, a unique range of handmade, environment and culturally sustainable, fair trade home decor, art & crafts and gift products. Much loved and adorned by our European customers that will create a huge world of benefits for you. What are you waiting for?









We will take care of product sourcing, updating products in online store, managing your sore, logistics, shipping. You can just focus on selling online and offline using your social media, and social network. You will receive the good commission of the sales produced through your sale. In short one’s get paid for the effort one’s put!



Success and quality of life with SHILP WORLD – know no limits! As a SHILP WORLD sales consultant you work where, when and with whom you want, whether full-time or part-time. Thanks to our innovative business model, you generate a passive income without risk and improve your lifestyle! More income, time, flexibility, security and health, simply more quality of life – that’s what SHILP WORLD stands for!

















Success is not black or white – it is colorful! At SHILP WORLD everyone has the opportunity to shape their lives successfully – regardless of their gender, skin color, religion and origin. It doesn’t matter where you come from, but where you want to go!


According to various surveys, being your own boss, having a flexible schedule, pursuing your passions, gaining more control over your future and receiving equitable pay are the top five reasons women like to start their on business. But starting your own business has it’s own sets of challenges. Some of these challenges include: balancing a business and a family, struggling to be taken seriously, defying social norms, owning their own accomplishments and gaining access to capital.

I myself have gone through a good set of challenges and for the same reason I am opening this opportunity for women to join our global team and be your own boss without worrying about the products procurement to sell and going through the lengthy process of company registration.

 What is our mission or our why?

SHILP WORLD aims to simplify the process of “becoming one’s own boss”.

Shilp World was founded with one simple goal in mind – to empower women and rural craftsmen. Later on as our founder who was going through the beautiful journey of motherhood, realized the challenge women face of having a full time career and being there for kid. Shilp World business model was then modified to help urban women as well by giving them the opportunity to run their own successful business.

Our business model is evolving everyday but our core philosophy which is based on 4E’s has remained same. The 4E which defines our mission are





What are the advantages of SHILP WORLD as a partner?

No monthly minimum sales and therefore no time pressure. No minimum order value and therefore no risk.
You get access to Shilp World products which are handpicked from different corners of India, so you are saved from the money & man power of product procurement.
You are free from product photography, product update, website maintenance, social media posts.
You are relieved from shipping and logistics and inventory.
You just need to focused on spreading the words in your network and selling; and get a good percentage of sale that come from your personal shop. 

Why I should join SHILP WORLD global Partners?

Earn 20% commission when you sell $200+. Full-time job or part-time side gig, how you earn is up to you!

With the opportunity to work from home and be a business owner, you can chart your own unique course. A Shilp World business is yours to dream, build, and develop!

Contact us by clicking the join now button down and we will get back to you!

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Frequently Asked Questions!

Q. How much cash will I have at risk?
A. You don’t have to invest any money and hence you have no cash at risk. But there partner will be charged a monthly subscription fee, currently $9.95, covering the cost of a personal website and branded emails sent to your Customers. Partners may cancel their monthly website subscription at any time.
Q. What are the steps to follow, in order to become a legitimate partner?
Q.What percentage will I get from every product sold?

A. You will get minimum 12% and upto 20% of whatever sales comes from your shop.

Q. How much time will it consume?

A. It’s entirely up to you that how much time you want to invest in this.

Q.Does this work locally or internationally?

A. We operate in entire EU region so you can promote your shop online and offline for the EU region.

Q. How do I promote my business?

A. It is social selling so you can promote your business in your local network. You can also use social media paid/unpaid marketing.

Q.How do I make my own money?

A. You will be paid the percentage of sales comes from your shop. This is 100% transparent.

Q. Can I get people to partner and market for me using my own E-Shop?

A. You can request people or your friends to help in marketing by sharing your E-shop but you can’t create partner inside you because we are not using multi-level-marketing.

Q. As a partner, am I eligible to discount for the product I purchase?

A. Yes, as a partner you will get 20% off on all the products you purchase.

Q. Are my working hours fixed or flexible?

A. Flexibility is the core of our business model. So, you can choose the time and number of hours. We would like to see some kind of consistency.

Q. How do my customers goods get delivered to them without delay?

A. We have central policy for shipment and delivery that is followed for every partner.

Q.Does the business allow cash refund in case of dissatisfaction?

A. Yes, Shilp World issue full refund to the customer in case they are not satisfied with the product.