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Several millennia ago when humanity was still finding its foothold on earth, crafts emerged from an alliance between mankind and nature. After thousands of years, when the successors of these crafts are finding it tough to sustain and continue with their traditional practices, Shilp World was founded wih started with an aim of creating a family of the heirs and protectors of the knowledge, across the globe. Our journey so far has filled us with more energy to continue. If you feel a part of ( Handicraft internship jobs ) the family, please let us know how you can make a difference.

As a guest writer, Shilp World also invites you to write craft stories for our readers.
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Summer Internship | Gurgaon, India

Marketing (01.06.2022)  | Intern

1. Help the marketing manager to reach out to newer audiences both local & global
2. Find new and creative growth strategies
3. Identify trends and insights
4. Work on ideation & implementation of social media marketing strategies
5. Work on email marketing

RESEARCHER & WRITER (01.06.2022) |  Intern 

1. Developing original content for the crafts documented by our on-site teams
2. Conducting research to obtain factual information and authentic details to derive logical inferences and utilizing sources such as books, websites, and interviews to generate the story
3. Working with photo/information editors to revise and rewrite sections
4. Creating content using various formats like handwritten data and audio/visual data