Meet Our Artists -Chandrakant Bari, Madhubani Bihar

Chandrakant Kumar Bari believes ‘An Artist can only be an Artist when he is still in the Arts’ .

Chandrakant Kumar Bari is Mithila painting (Madhubani Painting) artist. He helds from Madhubani (Bihar) from not so well to do family. None of his family members are educated and his parents were not in favor of their son taking Art as profession, they think that art is not a economically viable profession. 

Chandrakant Bari started Mithila paintings as a hobby and slowly he developed keen interest in this Art and so he took admission in Mithila Arts Institute, Madhubani. His primary motive was to earn money by drawing paintings to support his families financial needs and make profession in this field.  But during the course at Mithila Arts Institute his mindset was changed, he understood the importance of art in society and in people’s life.  Since then he look at painting with an art point of view, not just from the business point of view. 

He makes Mithila paintings both traditional and contemporary themes. Through his paintings, he tries to show the sequence of events in the society and everyday activities. His paintings has been exhibited in various gallerias across India. Currently he is studying  am doing B.A. and bear all his expenses on my own. He believe that the artist can only be an artist when he is still in the arts. He has undergone undergo many difficulties and still have faces serious financial problem.

He believe in saying ‘When you hit the hot iron, it takes desired shape’.


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