Meet Our Artists -Lalita Ben, Kutch Gujarat

Last year October 2019 when I was on India trip. One evening I was just walking in the crowded paveway of central Delhi (commonly known as CP). I saw middle aged lady around a corner of the walkway and had kept few things in her to sale to the people passing by. This is not un-common in India, you can find people like her everywhere trying to sale something or the other. That is how they make their living and feed their families.

But what grabbed my attention this time was the kind of stuffs she has got to sale. Very bright colour hand embroideried, table runners, bags, cushion cover etc. She asked me if I can stay for a while and have a quick look at the goods. I then sat down and started talking to her about her, the products, the group. Her name was Lalita Ben from Kutch, Gujarat, she along with 20 more women work together and make beautiful home decor abd sccessories. The design and technique they work on is very regional and expression of culture of that place.

After a long discussion I bought her stuff fro around 6000/- to use as Diwali gifting for friends and family. And we decided to work with her group and help them selling their products through Shilp World.

I am sharing few picture of her products here, for more products please visit our website

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