Mr. Chandra Bhushan Kumar. National Awardee 2003 [Madhubani Painting]


Since time immemorial, the women painter of MADHUBANI PAINTING in Bihar, have created the most strikingly original renderings of myths from the epics. Traditionally, these were drawn and painted on mud walls, but now these are also done on paper and cloth.The confident lines and the bold use of colours speak a language of complex imagery and myth. It is mothers handing down the technique to their daughters that has always been practiced by women and kept the tradition alive. What must have begun as a part of rituals has risen to the level of art. The Madhubani Painting symbolizes the dynamic culture of the country, constantly changing and evolving.


Mr. Chandra Bhushan Kumar, aged 28 years learned this craft from his mother late Girija Devi and practised it from his childhood in order to supplement his family’s finances. The poor economic condition in the family was the main driving force behind his adopting this skill. He has already received wide recognition through Award, coverage in print and electronic media and has participated in many exhibitions to popularize his craft.

Mr. Chandra Bhushan Kumar is a National Awardee for excellence in MADHUBANI PAINTING.


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