Meet our designer ASHITA MEHTA [Textile Designer and Consultant]

A S H I T A  M E H T A



She have recently relocated to Munich Germany from Paris, she have been working extensively in the field of textile design, craft and industries. As an an ambitious professional with more than a decade of experience in textile designing ability to visualize and execute designs from concept to production, this have developed and allowed her to work on different client projects.

In her present practice she have been exploring various techniques of surface ornamentation. She is deeply intrigued by the abstract nature of these processes and primarily focus to create contemporary textiles using traditional textile practices.

In August 2019, she worked with Embroiderer, La Fabrique Nomade & Maison Patou at Paris France, she supported the association to promote professional integration of migrant and refugee artisans in France. And she participated in the realization of the embroidered costume of Barbara Cassin, a french philosopher and philologist, the ninth woman to enter to the prestigious éAcadçmie Jran”aiseH. She also worked with Sr. Head Designer, Singhania’s in October 2019, A leading company specialized in creating handcrafted textiles in southern part of India, and her key responsibilities were:

–   Design and development of motifs for various surface ornamentation: Weaving, Printing and Embroidery.

–   Understanding the technical loom mechanism and adjusting the design within its limitation.

–   Creation of original concepts and mood board.

–   Color interaction and colorways.

–   Product photography idealization.

–   Coordination and communication of the design studio with the local artisans.

–   Documentation of traditional textile terminology with master artisans.

And many more cogent unlisted documentations about her with the major aim of building Craft Design Society foundation and  promoting Indian handcrafted textiles to the world stage best global brands.


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