Mr. Vijay Joshi & Mr. Vivek Joshi [Phad Paintings]

Craft: Phad Paintings (Phad Paintings)

Mr Vijay Joshi, Vivek joshi Young Phad Artsit of Shahpura school of paintings  sent awareness message to the people of India and the World on the corona virus through  there Marvelous art work in  Phad painting.

International Artist  Shanti Lal Joshi of the world famous Shahpura School (style) Phad Painting gave awareness message through his son young Phad Painting Artist Vijay Joshi, Vivek Joshi through Painting on the corona virus. Joshi also ran many awareness programmes  through his paintings on many social and burning issues in the past. , His eyes capturing paintings are decorating the walls of many film stars . Shahpura School Phad was appreciated by the legend  Amitabh Bachchan. A pictorial biography was also made on the life of Amitabh Bachchan which was also decorating his esteemed house. This painting was made in 2005 Apart from these, a 5×20 fit painting was made on the 150th birth anniversary of Father of (the Nation Mahatma Gandhi.

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