Mrs. Shalini Karn [Madhubani Paintings]

Craft: Madhubani Paintings

Artists even trained in art school or self-taught,they have their own individuality. Their upbringing, their inherited character, feelings or
emotions come out when they execute their idea on any of the medium. Shalini Karn, mithila artist from Madhubani lives in Ranchi Jharkhand, works on canvas, paper and dress materials and keeps her own individuality not only in style of work but also in the ideas and their expressions.

Born intraditional artists’ family, Shalini has been exploring the style of Madhubani art and being a woman, she incorporate her experiences as well as gender based issues and its sensibilities in her art. Ant, one of the basic elements of her paintings, has been presented with various characteristic of this insect which is used as different metaphor at different places. For example, the red ants locally known as ‘Bispipri’ means angry ant always ready to sting, were used in the background of the image of Goddess Kali in furious form.

Shalini has been doing workshops with many communities across India along with the visual art students of Aligarh Muslim University, guided a number of participant sin Jharkhand, Rajasthan and many other places including her village she has been doing art workshops with muslim girls. Shalini art works has shown in a number of exhibitions across India and out of India. Recently she has been invited in a very prestigious art fair in
Mexico city. In 2019 Shalini’s works have been displayed in International
folk art market, Santa Fe.

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