Bhavishya [Women Self-help group]

Bhavishya, Champaran Bihar, India

Bhavishya a self-help group based in a small village in Bihar (India) works with the objective to empower women through self reliance.

In India, gender inequality is still endemic and women, in many ways, remain the most vulnerable group in society. They are less educated, have less access to decision making, have fewer jobs and less wealth than men, suffer severe cases of poverty and their human rights are often violated. They have always lived on the margins of society and face discrimination and subordination in every aspect of their lives.

This is a key concern for Bhavishya . who is working towards achieving optimal human rights for all and committed to improving the livelihood of underprivileged rural Indian woman through the medium of handicrafts. They believe Handicraft industry is perhaps the best solution to address job creation for India’s very large young population, create rural development especially for women, reduce rural poverty and mitigate rural-to-urban migration by focusing on sustainable development.


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