Opportunity for Women to become Entrepreneur

Shilp World, which offers sustainable gifts, home decor, accessories, and many more, was established by a woman, Sundaram Kumari, primarily to support rural women become financially independent, skilled craftsmen to get fair value of their products, bring sustainable and affordable handicrafts to urban consumer. 

Shilp World Sales consultant for Direct Selling

Creating opportunities for women has always been a focus of Shilp World and as the envisaged by the founder, Shilp World is now offering a chance to join the network of sales consultants. Women of any age can participate.The women who are independent sales consultants with Shilp World have the chance to become actual entrepreneurs. This is a great opportunity, especially for moms who don’t want to leave their children but do want to have the accomplishment of earning an income of their own.

What is perhaps more important is the sisterhood and support that Shilp World offers its consultants. In addition to marketing and sales support, the brand also provides a network of women who can learn together and connect with. Shilp World facilitates with the marketing by giving a subscription to a personalised e-commerce site and professional marketing emails for the consultant. By being part of the sales team, joining the high-energy annual conferences, the network of consultants grants access to a community of like-minded women, that can be both profoundly comforting and inspiring.

Direct selling, for women having careers with traditional family values, enables them to find work-life balance.

In the pre-digital era, a career often meant leaving home to work. As we all know, for some mothers, this leads to a highly difficult choice: stay home with the children and give up any chance of having a vocation, or work a 9-5 position and miss spending most of the day with her kids.There’s nothing new about this dilemma, and mothers have been coming up with creative solutions to resolve it for long. 

In this scenario, direct selling has become one of those innovative solutions. Shilp World mainly focuses on the ‘stay at home moms’ who long for a sustainable income and at the same time look for flexible work culture. We offer the knowledge and sisterhood you need — which can have a reassuring, stabilising effect for those who are just starting as entrepreneurs — while still allowing them to work on their own time. Consultants can run an independent business, while even picking up their children from school. 

Most of my conversations with fellow women frequently reveal the challenge of wanting to start a business but not knowing how to begin to structure it. Our training materials, like how-to videos, masterclasses, and promotional content, like flyers and graphics, are a solution to that challenge. We are here to simplify the process of “becoming one’s own boss”.

You create an outsize impact on the communities.

Shilp World was founded with a mission to support rural traditional artisans and women self-help groups. Provide them access to a broader market. Bestow the marginalised communities in our villages with a regular source of income. Assist them in product design, supply chain and fair wage.

We emphasis on giving back to the community because Shilp World is a social entrepreneurship platform built with a mission to build relationships. Indeed, some companies may focus primarily on profits, but Shilp World is a purpose driven company and we work on the model to create values for all our stakeholders.

Shilp World focuses on helping it’s independent sales consultants grow their own networks. We emphasise the idea that to empower oneself, you must help raise others, too.That’s why we place substantial importance on training and get-togethers for our consultants. The hands-on learning is essential, of course, but so is the feeling of sisterhood and support that the training generates.

Direct selling companies have their detractors, and they always will. But the new generation of direct sellers such as Shilp World, in particular, are working hard to change the face of direct selling into something that’s helping women, helping families, and ultimately, helping communities.

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