Potential For Design Intervention For The Revival Of Crafts

As part of our craft series that we have been doing to educate & create demand for crafts and support our artisans at this unprecedented time. During our previous discussions we have talked about the different aspects of craft industries such as (a) the cultural aspect , each craft conveys the story about community and its culture and hence the revival of crafts are important to preserve the culture. (b) the other aspect that we discussed was , craft industry creates massive employment opportunities for the rural people and prevents rural-urban migration. For a country like India where means of employment are less and the population is very high, craft plays a significant role. Our today’s discussion is about Craft and Sustainability: Potential for Design Intervention in Crafts for it’s revival. For that I have an honour to have 3 magnificant craft designers from India and Europe with us. Who has been creating significant impact with their work. Which we will discuss in detail as we proceed in our discussion.

ALEXANDER MARINUS He is a DESIGNER with a strong interest in the relationship between culture, society and nature. He strives to bring them together in his body of work, which encompasses material research, textile design, photography, film and writing. He feels at home between the worlds of art, design, communication, academics and business, even more so when collaborating with artisans, industry or institutions of all kinds. Marinus graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven in 2017 and is currently based in Brussels. There he develops his creative practice by working both autonomously and for diverse clients. His work manifests a cool head and a warm heart, connected by an intuitive empathy.

A S H I T A M E H T A TEXTILE DESIGNER Ashia has recently relocated to Munich Germany from Paris, she has been working extensively in the field of textile design, craft and industries. She is an ambitious professional with more than a decade of experience in textile designing. She has worked with many crafts clusters in India and has worked with traditional artisans to invent their crafts. In 2019, she worked with Embroiderer, La Fabrique Nomade & Maison Patou at Paris France, she supported the association to promote professional integration of migrant and refugee artisans in France.

ROSE MARIE SAVIO COLOR AND TEXTILE DESIGNER Rose is an alumni of prestigious National Institute of design India. Her vision is to preserve traditional Indian crafts by making it relevant to contemporary lifestyles through innovative designs. She has been working in the grass-root arts and crafts sector for over 10 years. Rose is currently building her fashion brand with inclusive sized garments by using utmost delicate Indian textiles and techniques.
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