Ganesha Statue- Ganesha figure -Handcrafted Ganesha Figure aus messing

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Ganesha Statue- Ganesha figure -Antique Handcrafted brass Ganesha statue-Indian handicraft brass statue - Ganesha Figure aus messing The brass Ganesha statue is handcrafted by master artisans of India, they use sand casting method to give detail design a perfect finishing. Embellish home & office space with extremely elegant looking pieces of decor. A perfect gift for mother's day, birthday, Christmas Size: Height 8cm weight: 600gram


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We bring to you the high quality traditional handicrafts from India. Use this to decorate your home, or office desk, or gift it your friends and family on special occasion. This is going to be head turner and everyone would like to know more about the beautiful piece of art.

How its is made :

The buddha face statue is made by the lost wax process. Lost wax casting is a process for making metal statues in which a wax sculpture of an image is covered in clay which is then baked. As the clay is heated the wax melts away leaving a negative image of the sculpture inside the hardened clay. Molten metal is then poured into the mould. When the metal gets cooled the clay casing is broken away to leave the metal image. Then the finishing design is done using different colour of semi precious stone.





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