Vintage Silver Bracelet Wedding Dangle Bracelet- 925 sterling Silver Bracelet – Ruby & Emerald gemstone Bracelet


Length 2.5cm

These beautiful vintage 925 Silver Bracelet Inlayed with ruby stone. This beautiful Bracelet is a gorgeous piece with intricate hand work.

This stunning Bracelet is designed in solid 925 sterling silver with an anti tarnish platinum finish, with colorful gemstones sparkling like precious treasure.

Dress up with brilliant sparkle and chic red color with this glamorous 925 silver Pendent .

1 in stock


Welcome to Shilp World , a place where you will find handmade treasures from the land of rich culture and heritage of India.

Each product is handmade using high grade semi precious jewels. All products will be uniquely different. The designs are exquisite and are perfect for people who love a traditional yet contemporary statement piece to compliment their outfit.


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