Re-building Craft Sector & Rural Economy

Social consciousness is the mantra of today’s time, today when world is facing corona pandemic. We are looking at various insight from government, community leaders, council, NGOs, corporate and consumers. All economic areas and sectors are facing important challenges. In India for example where there is highest number of craftsmen ans craft businesses 

In India we saw so much rural migration and we saw the faces of the migrants, which has shaken up the country. But we need to go beyond feeling sorry and work on to build the rural economy. Village haats which has been used to exchange the goods from different community, where people come sit on the floor, connect with each other and it has all the things to full fill the basic necessities. Now are now full of plastic, imported and industrial goods, haven’t we have failed on developing rural economy.

When we talk about make in India, we talk only about industries and factories but rather we should focus on craft sector to develop rural India as par of make in India. The village should be taught and provide right raw material to make goods not just to make goods for urban people but to meet their own needs. Let them become self reliant and grow upward not only feed the urban interest. This would be a long term future plan which is better for climate change, better for sustainable development, better for rural people, prevent migration.  

There is a much longer connection with the art/crafts and rest of the world. Crafts were in gelled with the people and was in beautiful harmony with the nature. The whole industrial revolution is very new it’s only became so strong after World War 2 and then we have to fight for art & craft survival. Before that the whole world subsisted on hand work and social interaction with each other. 

The current situation it is very important to reflect on how innovation and sustainability can unlock the potential of crafts sector. It is necessary to investigate that how sustainability and innovation can boost job creation in this sector. With all the migrant workers going back to their villagees, the rural area is going to be important and it is needed to create jobs in rural areas.  In this regards Prime minister Narendra Modi’s announcement of special package of 20lakh crore for Atmanirbhar Bharat is very encouraging and we hope this will give a much needed boost to the rural sector.


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