Shilp World is global marketplace for Hand–made Fairtrade Products

All our products are handcrafted according to ancient tradition to meet today’s world need. In addition to the quality and the design, social sustainability is decisive for us. We reinvent the idea of sustainable products and design by offering hand-made craft products from India. Far from the fast fashion hype, we create products that are likewise timeless and unique. Our focus is on the people who make them and the story they convey through each piece of their creation. 

How we ensure fair trade
We travel regularly to the remote villages of India meet our partners or prospective partner and learn about their work on the ground. Only if we can ensure and guarantee comprehensive social sustainability will we include a product in the online store. But most important than the seals and awards are the people behind the products. We have very close relationships with our partners in India and want to help them grow sustainably. We focus on transparency and communication. On our site you will find the history of all our partners with pictures and background information.

Grounded in this appreciation, we cultivate a personal relationship to each of our partners and see them as equal and lasting partners. We buy the products at a fair price directly from the artisans. With many of them we design new products which combine local natural material, traditional techniques and skills with our knowledge and experience. Our aim is to help local manufacturers to keep traditional handicraft alive whilst at the same time developing them further and partially reinventing them. Plus: to support them through a sustained and stable income.

Check Meet Our Artisans for an insight into our current artists/groups or Our Impact to learn more about our concept and our way of working.

Shilp World for dealers

In addition to direct sales to end customers, we also work with shops and retailers throughout Europe. If you are a trader and you are interested in fairly traded products, you can contact us directly here or contact us by e-mail. We are happy to come visit you and introduce you personally to our products. 

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