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Today we live in an era where the pride of ‘experiencing’ the new is much greater than the pride of ownership. Millennials who are leading consumption today are more interested in exploring and discovering the world through all their senses. What better way to do that by exploring India’s rich culture & heritage through ‘Art Experiences’.

Any art experience involves a two to five-hour-long personalized session with an artist of repute, who will explain & demonstrate to the participants the intricate details, history, cultural legacy and love and passion for the art. Any guest receives unique insights while parallely indulging in the art to design and co-create something of his/her own.

Upcoming Workshops!


Wood block printing workshop in Germany

Address Saalbau Gallus
$30 | 120 minutes
Class Level: Beginner
Age Suitability: 10 years old and above

Art & Craft Competition

Online Creative Art Competition
Main highlight :
Free participation
Top 3 of each categories will receive Shilp World ( gift voucher.
Your craft will be published on our social media patgorm and website.
The winner will be decided based on public voting.

Indian Khadi and its relevance in current time


Indian Khadi and its relevance in current time

 An insight discussion about the journey of Indian Khadi from it’s central role in Mahatma Gandhi’s Swadesi movement to a solution to current environment sustainability problems.