Sustainability is the core of SHILP WORLD Business model

Sustainability as we all know often implies longevity, it also entails the use of a method or techniques to avoid a damage or stoppage of a progress. In referral to sustainability in relation to business, various companies and NGOs deploy several techniques in line with the commercial best practices for the advancement of their respective organizations and hence providing an active venture for the furtherance of their cause.

Shilp-World  kunsthandwerk has not relented on their sustainable abilities since its inception. The organization’s world-wide partner concepts is second to none, thereby leaving no room for limitations of any kind or ineffectiveness with  the use of global information communication technology as a major tool facilitating the operations of the organization within both rural and urban coverage. More so, it has over the years promoted efficiency, good customer relation and reduction of operating costs.

Generally speaking, ICT ensures a consistent, unwavering and coherent development of variant business concerns. Further more,  e-commerce otherwise known as online marketing is a laudable part of the various strategies deployed to nurture and manage connectivity  with the customers irrespective of their distinctively unlimited interests. A quick example is as regards the process of engagement and education of customers and the general public, notifying them of the arrival of new products, prevailing discounts, upcoming events, new partners and the progress of the company over the years via some digital platforms including but not limited to Instagram, Facebook or any other social media platforms, would also inspire the level of sustainability for the business. According to the assertion of Liand Green(2011), the act of building cordial relationship with customers through supplying their needs influences loyalty and retention from them. In a nutshell, such relationship increases customers’ satisfaction and retention. 

Furthermore, factors that could influence the success and sustenance of a company include;  Social sustainability of exploring its role on community inclusion or involvement, the ability to ensure equal opportunities to several interested public parties,proper management of resources and maintenance of its managements without loss, economic sustainability by ensuring a smart investment and growth, long term planning, resource and assets management. Sustainability determines the growth and success story of every business regardless of range of goods or services offered to the public at large.

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