Shilp World


We are focus on creating Sustainable & Ethical life style products that is both people & planet positive. 

The fashion industry is the world’s second biggest polluting industry after the oil one. In 2018, the emission from the fashion industry reached 2.1 million tons. In comparison the fashion industry emission of CO₂ equals the entire amount of CO₂ from Germany, France and Great Britain altogether. If nothing gets done, the CO₂ emission is expected to increase to 2,7 billion tons in 2030.*

Left over fabrics

At Shilp World we believe that more and more people are looking for life style products that are both kind to the environment and the makers. For us, this is a beautiful opportunity to have positive social and environmental impact. This is why we partner with small women-run, women-benefitting groups across India that provide safe, fair and dignified livelihood opportunities to both women and traditional craftspeople. 


For materials, there is no better logic than use fabrics that already exist. From sarees to vintage quilts, we minimize environmental pollution by only producing styles in already existing materials or sustainable certified materials. 

Like all industries, producing clothes will always have an impact on the planet and it’s people. However, we are here to offer an alternative, a colourful beautiful one, where inherently eco-friendly, traditional, handcraft techniques are brought back to main stream fashion and existing fabrics are used to reduce the stress of Mother Earth.