Sustainable Development and Gandhi

In the beginning of this year I got an invitation to talk about ‘Sustainable Development and our role as a consumer’, the talk was held at a prestigious university in Germany ‘Frankfurt School of Finance and Management’. I took a deep dive into the Gandhi’s philosophy of village economy and crafts led development and I realized that we need to follow the model for sustainable development!

Sustainable development means to “fulfill the present needs without compromising the needs of future generation.” Mahatma Gandhi’s way of living is the best example of sustainable development for world.

I come from a place where Mahatma Gandhi started his movement and started his work about village economy. The place is Champaran, one of the most undeveloped state of India, resides in eastern part of India, Bihar. I was always inspired by Mahatma Gandhi who once remarked- that, it is only by focusing on village industries, through primary education, through handicraft skills, we can provide work for millions of Indians and feed our villages.

The Mahatma Gandhi’s principle, India’s rich heritage of crafts and cultural diversity, current unsustainable situation and having my exposure to western world and consumption capacity sowed the seeds of SHILP WORLD and BHAVISHYA in my mind. We started our work from Champaran in India. So, far we have skilled more than 300 girls and women in different skills, we are supporting them for financial independence through our marketing platform SHILP WORLD Kunsthandwerk

Girl’s from Kasturba school in Champaran learned Madhubani Paintings

Shilp World & Bhavishya with the support of Consulate General of India in Frankfurt Germany has organized a ramp show in Germany to exhibit India’s ethnic textile n craftsmanship and an made an effort to popularize handmade and sustainable fashion among young and international consumers.

Fashion Show in Germany to exhibit Indian handwoven Textiles from SHILP WORLD

Bhavishya solicits your support to make our initiative for girl child education and women skill development.

Name – Bhavishya Sapno ki Udaan Trust
Acc No – 022505004933
Bank – ICICI Bank
Branch – Lajpat Nagar
IFSC – ICIC0000225
Acc type – Current

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